Summer, Summer, Summertime! Practical Tips to Stay on Track with Sleep.

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I just can’t believe how quickly this year is flying by!  The school year is coming to an end and summertime is getting ready to kick off.  We always have lots of exciting activities planned for our families during the summer time. Whether it’s vacation to the beach, the mountains or to visit Grandma and Grandpa.  We also may have visitors coming in for weekends or longer.  These times are exciting for our children and we want to make those memories that they will have and remember for a long time.  Right?  Unfortunately, those fun times can also wreak havoc on everyone sleep.  So what can we do to make sure that we stay on track during the summer?  Here are some practical tips for you that are easy to implement!

Try to remain as consistent with schedules as possible. If your child is well-rested to begin with, the occasional late night or skipped nap, should not affect them too much. However, several days/nights of being off schedule can do a number on anyone’s sleep. Do your best not to skip both a nap and have a late bedtime on the same day. Try to plan out your summer events so they don’t all happen at once!

Spend some extra time winding down. With all the excitement of summer, vacations and family visits, it may be very hard for our children to settle down and go to sleep. On those extra stimulating days, prepare to spend a little extra time on your bedtime routine to ensure their bodies are nice and relaxed. Dim those lights and turn off the televisions. Spend some more time reading a bedtime story and giving some extra snuggles.

Recreate the home bedroom environment when traveling. Do you best to recreate the conditions of your child’s home sleep environment when you are in a hotel or another location. Remember to keep it cool, dark and use white noise. Try to keep sleeping spaces separate, especially if they sleep in their own rooms at home. This can prove to be challenging when in a hotel room but get creative!

Bottom line just HAVE FUN this summer try not to worry too much about schedules!  Just always keep in the back of your mind how important sleep schedules can be.  if  you start to notice some real changes in the schedule, it’s pretty easy to get back on track.

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