My Top 4 Favorite Products for Restorative Sleep!

Whether you are adding to your baby registry or just looking for something to help your child sleep, you may be looking for the magic tool to ensure your new baby or child sleeps!!!  But…with all the different “sleep” products on the market, how do you decide which one to buy?  Below is a list of my favorite items that will help create the “perfect” environment conducive to sleep!  Most of these can be found on Amazon (see links below). If you want to know even more of my favorites, check out my “Must Have Tools” page.

Room Darkening Shades:

You want to make sure your baby’s room is super dark, The darker it is, the better it supports production of melatonin and eliminates any visual distractions within his room.  Room darkening shades are absolutely perfect for this!  Below is one of my favs. 🙂

White Noise:

Every child’s room should have a white noise machine.  I mean a machine that emits a true static white noise (not ocean waves, rainforest, or thunderstorm sounds).  Not only does white noise dampen the sounds from within and outside the home, it also promotes more restorative sleep.  Below is my ALL TIME FAVORITE.

Toddler Clock:

For older children who are sleeping in “big kid” or toddler beds, it can help to give them a visual tool, which will give them the signal as to when it is ok for them to get out of bed for the morning. An “Ok to Wake” clock is helpful to continue with your consistent message that the day starts/nap time ends when the “light turns green”. This takes the pressure off of you and presents a very consistent cue that is easy to understand.  Both of my kids have this one!


When traveling, it’s super important to recreate your home enviroment. It’s likely you will get off schedule just a bit, so by recreating the home sleep enviromnet, you will help promote restorative sleep for your child.

Oh and this one is cool too!  Would be great for Disney. 🙂

What are some of your favorites?  Comment below!

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